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Last updated 3:36 PM on 10 October 2011

Last term families were asked to assist the school in its planning for 2010 by completing a school survey. Parents also had the option of completing a Testimonial, which could be used to further promote the positive image of Gillwinga Public School. Here is a snapshot of some of your thoughts:

"The teachers my children have are exactly who they need, to shape them into proud, confident and happy people. They will be forever advantaged by having their care and discipline."  Penelope Bell 

"Brooke has been given many opportunities. The school is aware of her abilities, whether academic or sporting, so she is always given opportunities to excel. I'm very grateful for this"  Debbie Morris

"I would recommend Gillwinga because it is a school that takes pride in its students and encourages them to be all they can be but is also understanding to the students that struggle. They provide all students with any help that is available but also try to get further help when needed."  Susan Ellis

"What has impressed me most about Gillwinga P.S is the overall care and understanding of the kids needs."  S. Byrnes

"Our children have had a complete education with opportunites in sport, drama, music, arts, public speaking, debating, chess, cineliteracy, leadership roles, extensive excursion programs, technology, as well as the essential core learning in the classroom. Who could ask for more? Thanks Gillwinga staff!"  Colleen Hankinson